Handling Stress


Life is full of stressful things. Youth does not make teens immune to stress. Whether you’re stressed out for a specific reason or are just feeling beaten down in general the coping strategies are pretty much the same.


When stress starts to get the best of you take a minute or two to slow down and catch your breath. Put whatever it is that has you stressed out of your mind for a little while and try one of these stress busting techniques.



Get Physical

Few things combat stress as well as exercise. There are many benefits to being physically active. Exercise releases endorphins which trigger feelings of happiness and satisfaction. Exercise makes you stronger and healthier and that helps you better cope with stress.



Volunteer to Help Those in Need

Charity is very good for the soul and there is always important work that needs to be done. Even when helping out means getting to work it is as beneficial for those who give as it is to those who receive. Helping, like exercise, releases endorphins that increase your overall level of happiness. So lend a helping hand wherever and whenever you can.



Spend Time with Animals

Animals can help even the most stressed out person relax. Even if you’re not an animal lover spending time with a furry friend can do you good. If you already have a pet spend some with them. If you don't have a pet think about getting one. If owning a pet is not realistic try volunteering at an animal shelter. Volunteer to help with the animals or join a volunteer dog walking club.


There is a correlation between animal companionship and happiness in the environmentally depressed and mentally disabled. The American Medical Association has even approved a type of pet therapy in the treatment of these types of disorders. So get out there and find yourself a cat or dog to care for, you'll both benefit from the relationship.



Eat Chocolate

Unless you have an allergy to chocolate or suffer from an ailment like diabetes eating chocolate can do a stressed out body good. Again it has to do with those things called endorphins. In a 1996 study from the University of Michigan it was shown that chocolate signals the pleasure centers of the brain to release endorphins. Endorphins have a calming effect that elevates mood and aids in the reduction of stress.



Go to a Movie

Watching a movie is something that allows people to spend time together without having to interact socially. In terms of stress management this can be a very valuable coping behavior. It is comforting to socialize with others but when feeling stressed out some people just want to be alone. Going to a movie with friends gives you the comfort of being around other people while still allowing you to be alone with your thoughts. So rally the troops and head down to your local movie theater for some together time that helps alleviate stress.