What is sexual bullying


Sexual bullying is a serious issue that needs to be tackled. Sexual bullying includes a wide range of behaviour from name calling to physical sexual assault. It is as serious as racism and needs to be treated as such by parents, teachers and society in general.


In extreme cases prejudice-motivated bullying and harassment can also be considered a hate crime.


Examples of sexist incidents include:

  • Abusive, sexualised name calling
  • Unwelcome looks and comments about someone's appearance or attractiveness; either face to face or to others
  • Spreading rumours of a sexual nature
  • Inappropriate and uninvited touching
  • Inappropriate sexual innuendo and/or proposition
  • Graffiti with sexual content
  • Display/circulation of inappropriate material of a sexual nature
  • Badges or clothing depicting inappropriate sexual innuendo or language
  • In its most extreme form, sexual assault or rape


sexual bullying it is linked to domestic violence and other gender-based violence such as rape and sexual assault.


Sexual bullying can undermine someone's dignity and safety as well as affect their emotional wellbeing and lead to depression, isolation, eating disorders and self-harming.