Ethnic Minority Support

Due to discrimination, language, social and cultural barriers, most ethnic minority youth from low-income household may experience a range of difficulties in school and social life. Some youth from the low-income ethnic minority students indicated that they did not see a real need in furthering education, as they feel they will not be accepted due to cultural and racial differences. We want to tackle and to help this youth to finding adequate opportunities, as well as fulfilling their aspirations for the future ahead.

Be Cool in collaboration with local schools, universities and associations will provide an extensive opportunity for young people to develop self-confidence and self-esteem needed for advancing their studies and future careers. Working with mentors within the ethnic minority community, this programme aims to motivate students through a series of community-based training workshops and to empower them to actualize their unique cultural identity within Macau, to see a future beyond and to become future leaders by making contributions towards a more multicultural city.



Youth Development Soft Skills

In collaboration with the SIMANG Association of Macau, we are proposing a multi-level scheme with a priority on targeting a range of key issues that concern many governments across the world and Macao in particular. In brief, in phase one, the scheme aims to run a series of workshops to develop a range of soft-skills of our participants, for example, thinking skills, research skills and communication skills. Subsequently, these skills are put to practice via design-based activities where participants are introduced to a range of social issues and are then facilitated to develop solutions towards social issues (for example, drug abuse, Child Abuse, bully, sex, harassment, addiction, and so on). During this process, participants will be encouraged to explore, research, design solutions as well as present their ideas. This process is therefore a valuable learning experience to build awareness of social issues to our participants via our active and constructive educational approach.

In summary, this scheme aims to contribute to multiple stakeholders. We prioritise on education to improve the employability of our participants via soft-skills development. During such process, we aim to develop citizenship, to build awareness of socially difficult situations, to inspire a new generation towards entrepreneurship, to provide real-world experience as well as employment opportunities, and strategically, the outcome serves as a new direction to promote the diversification of industry by expanding our perception of what the creative and design industry of Macao can achieve.



There’s always tomorrow

 “There’s Always Tomorrow” is the first programme in Macau to bring forth the discussion of suicide; bullying, delinquency, youth recruit by triads, future youth concern to the public in an open and positive manner but with the point of view of the youth. The objective of this programme is not only to educate youth on these issues, but also to instill the idea of positive living lifestyle as a way for marginalised youth to discover alternative ways of coping with difficult times.

Through intensive retreats, interactive workshops on arts and media, and outreach activities, “There’s Always Tomorrow” explores topics such as self-expression, self-awareness, and coping skills and mechanisms towards difficult situations in everyday life.

There is Always Tomorrow aims to instill positive living style and cope with difficult situations that they may face in everyday life.



Keeping it R.E.A.L. (Refuse, Explain, Avoid and Leave)

How do you say no to drugs without losing friends? “Keeping It R.E.A.L.” (Refuse, Explain, Avoid and Leave) is an educational platform to help youth learn drug refusal techniques. This classroom-based drug prevention programme is proven to be effective in promoting anti-drug culture among students by helping them understand the risks behind drug use and to resist peer pressure. The thrust of the programme is captured in the word “REAL” - an acronym served as a tool for young people to refuse drugs:

R = refuse drugs, A= explain why you are refusing, A = avoid situations where drugs will be taken, L = leave situations where drugs are being taken

Be Cool “Keeping It R.E.A.L” programme will take a step further into promoting drug prevention education by catering the workshops to fit the specific needs of the youth.

Our programme will teach youth how to say "no" to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs without losing friendships, and is aimed at enhancing life skills such as decision-making and communication. At the end of the programme, youth are encouraged to use the newly learned skills to develop their own drug-resistant strategies that are catered to their needs.



"It Begins With One Story”

Is the first initiative in Macau that is targeted at bridging the intergenerational gap between  ethnic minority youth and their parents in addressing drug abuse.  Our programme aims to improve awareness on early identification of hidden drug abuse within the home, and uses a family approach towards prevention, intervention and support. Through setting up forums, intensive educational training and campaigns on drug abuse for young people and their mentors, the programme develops a safe and positive platform where parents and youth can engage in constructive dialogue on young drug abuse issues and strategies. At the end of the programme, youth and their parents are asked to develop a booklet on youth drug abuse that is specific to their own culture and community.